Photo of the Day – Late 1800’s covered wagon wheel.

Photo of the Day – A late 1800’s covered wagon wheel, at Four Mile House historic park.

Photo taken at the “Four Mile House” historic park, Denver, Colorado.  This is a wagon wheel from a late 1800’s covered wagon, at the Four Mile House historic park, Denver Colorado.

One of the things that amazed me is how small many of these “wild west covered wagons” really were.  Nothing like the big covered wagons shown in Hollywood movies.

Built c. 1859, Four Mile House is Denver’s oldest standing structure and centerpiece of a 12-acre park. Built as a stagecoach stop and wayside Inn along the Cherokee Trail, it was the last stop on route to Denver and the first leaving town. After the railroad arrived in 1870 the Booth family transformed the site into a prosperous 600 acre ranch/farm. Today, this National Register Historic House museum and living history farm offers programs and heritage events that transport visitors to the early days of western migration and settlement.” 

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