PhotoWalk – 07 Sep 2017 – Barrio Barreto, Olongapo Subic Bay


Well i had a a simple evening and a fun day today at the PhotoWalk in Barrio Barreto, Olongapo, Subic Bay Zambales Philippines.  Last night was mostly restful at the Blue Rock Hotel on the Beach.   I chose it because I had some Expedia Travel Points I had to use by November or lose them and they covered most of the cost of the room.  Before dinner I got out for a long beach walk for exercise and grabbed a few photos while walking then some sunsets after dinner.

The next morning I was up very early, about 5 AM to get ready.  The PhotoWalk was scheduled to start at 7:00 AM, and I needed to check out of the Blue Rock Hotel before leaving.   Of course I forgot about the classic “late arrivals” that are so Filipino.   The coordinator was there, and I was there.  It took a while before the rest all showed up.  That aside it was a beautiful sunny day, though hot.  This was an independent walk where everyone just kind of went and shot whatever they wanted.  I started out on the beach and ended up in town.   I was in a sharp edges, shapes, patterns and signs mood it seemed.  Lots of normal in the images but also pushed the visual detail and colors quite a bit.  So just know that if you were to walk the same places tomorrow, you would not see what I saw.   But what I photographed is representative of Barrio Barreto, even if exaggerated a bit.  I had a fun and great time.  After the PhotoWalk we met up at the Coffee shop at the Rooftop Hotel, had lunch, and discussed the day and all things photography.  Come to find out I was with some special company.   Several of the people there had won some impressive photographic awards in competitions.  There are a bunch of photos following and you can see what I meant about pushing the detail, lines, shapes and color.   That was just the mood I was in.   For technical purposes I shot with my Olympus OMD-EM5-II, Panasonic FZ1000 and my iPhone using a mix of HDR, Low Noise and Super Resolution “apps” I have acquired that help deliver higher quality then expected from most cell phones.

Well enough of my running on.  Enjoy the photography.  If you have any comments, or questions, leave them at the end.  And please share the link to my blog with anyone you think might be interested.


Banca Boats are basically greatly oversized canoes, with dual outriggers to keep them stable in ocean waters. They are used for fishing, as tour boats, shipping goods and many other purposes. They are simplicity and functionality personified.


This old gentleman hollered out to me, and no he wasn’t a begger other then that he begged me to take his photo. He insisted on posing while saluting. May very well be an old Filipino Military Veteran. Pleasent and so happy when I did take his photo. I should mention, unless in a large public group, I always ask permission, before photographing individuals , and in the Philippines will often have people ask me to take their photo.
the people in this group saw me walking the beach with my cameras and asked me to take a group photo. One lady did not want her photo taken and was cropped out to the right, by request.
Shades of the old US military bases. I couldn’t resist shooting this sign. I was a Westpac sailor too. And as they say, once a sailor always a sailor. You never get it completely out of your system.
Don’t know why but this sign just got me attention, and yes it was leaning like that.
General’s Command Post is a friendly place with cheap drinks and good food. The owner and his Filipina wife on it. If I recall, he is a retired USMC (Marine Corp) Sergeant. It harkens back to the days of the US Naval Base. While it has been a while I have had cold beer and some good chow there.


Barrio Barreto is best known for 3 things. Lovely beaches, excellent scuba diving with lots of old sunken wrecks to explore, and “The Entertainment district” which caters to a particular genre of people from all over the world. I could have photographed a lot of clubs (all closed in the morning) but I thought this one summed it up pretty well. No need to show more.


Go down any of the side streets and you will find numerous small stores of every kind. No shopping malls or big chain stores in Barreto. It favors small family businesses.


An ultra energy efficient solar clothes dryer. Guaranteed to not increase your electric bill. in the Philippines you fill find clothes hung out to drive just about anywhere.
Yes they do have cycling and motorcycle clubs. Just a simply covered outdoors bench area.
These drivers at first solicited me to take one of their trikes wherever I was going. After I explained I was already there (a hotel behind me) they wanted to pose for a photo. I was happy to oblige.
Long shot taken at 400mm equivalent with my FZ1000 camera. A number of little and simple and big and fancy beach resorts. Something for everyone.


Oh, and Shamboli’s has excellent real Italian style pizza (and Ice Cream). Best Pizza I have found yet in the Philippines. Reminded the pizzas from the old “real Italian” Pizza Parlors, in North Denver, Colorado where I grew up.
And yes Shamboli’s delivers.


Thank you for looking.  Leave comments or questions if you want.  Share with your friends if you liked this series.

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