Garden of the God’s.


Garden of the God’s State Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. Rock formations composed of red sandstone.  Shot with a Panasonic Lumix  FZ1000 camera.

Nearly two years ago, I shot a series of images at the Garden of the God’s State Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with the intent of putting them together as a panorama.  Seems I forgot to ever do it.  Pouring through my large Lightroom database and doing a little house keeping, I came across these shots so decided to finish what I had started 2 years ago.

For these I shot with my Panasonic Lumix FZ1000, an ultra-zoom with a 1″ 20 megapixel sensor.  In good light it is very capable of some impressive photos.  The small sensor limits it’s use for very low light (high ISO) photography, though working with the RAW files instead of the default JPEG I have gotten good results up to ISO 1600.  For people who are not interested in doing a lot of “after work” on their photos, the FZ1000 still delivers very good default images from its long zoom which is a 24-400mm equivalent lens.  It has become my all-time favorite “grab and go” camera, when I leave the house on any trip, short or long.  And that is saying a lot as I have been taking photos for over 50 years.   This panorama was composed of 3 separate images, stitched together in Adobe Lightroom from the original RAW (not JPEG) images.   I then processed to my taste with the usual adjustments for highlights, shadows, sharpness, definition and color.

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