A Collection of My Favorite Philippine Sunsets

I am now retired in the Philippines, but previously worked or visited here three times before.   Following is a collection of my all time favorite Philippine Sunsets from all of my trips.  The majority of these are Subic Bay, but there is also Makati and Manila Bay.  Most of the photos were taken with an Olympus E500, Olympus EM5-II or a Panasonic Lumix FZ1000.   1 was taken with my iPhone 6 in HDR mode and further enhanced in Adobe Lightroom.  All images are post processed in Lightroom to taste.

Enjoy.  Comments are welcome.

This image was actually taken with my iPhone in HDR mode, then improved in Adobe Lightroom. Impressive for a cell phone. From Vascos restaurant and hotel in Subic Freeport. And the food there is very good as well.

Sunset over Makiti Philippines financial and residential districts. Taken with my Olympus OMD-EM5 II from my Hotel Room while leaning out the window over the top of the air conditioner with my arms fully outstretched. ½ second @ F2.8, ISO 200. The marvels of modern technology and Olympus’s amazing In Body Image Stabilisation. IBIS for short.