Subic day 2 – A little sun then more rain.

Day 2 started out well with sunshine in the morning.  Unfortunately got a late start so missed some opportunities.   I had been staying in the Pub Hotel, a nice, clean and very affordable place, but not so near the beaches I enjoy.   Heavy afternoon rains took down some power lines and after a few hours of that decided maybe a change in quarters was due.  I really wanted to be down by the beach anyway.  That is where I am most peaceful.   Checked out several spots and decided on the Arizona resort.   A bit more pricey but the beach view is wonderful and the restaurant has a real good variety of international foods, all well prepared.  Very peaceful.  Of course by the time I made the move, it was already night.

Peaceful and a wonderful place to work.  Love the sound of the ocean.  These photos were late in the day, after the heavy rains stopped, near to 6:30 PM, about the time the sun would set if you could see it.   The storm clouds are evident but for the most part the rain had stopped.  After that I went down the street to an American owned bar called Dynamite Dicks.  The owner is an ex Marine demolitions expert, which explains the name.  Small but the food was good and the beer was cold.  His wife runs the kitchen.  A lot of American ex-pats live in the area, most of whom had served in the Philippines at some time in the past.  It is an older crowd now though.  Still interesting.   There are some very good restaurants in the area as well.  All of this is scattered in and amongst the clubs.

E7120066-Pano E7120068

E7120095 E7120097

2 thoughts on “Subic day 2 – A little sun then more rain.

  1. How nice that you found the Arizona resto/resort/hotel. I pass through Subic and Barrio Baretto regualrly on our way to and from our little farm in San Marcelino,, Zambales. In addition to decent food the Arizona welcomes our little dog in the outside dining (covered) area … traveling with a family pet in the Philippines is often a bit of a hassle.


    • It was a nice enough place to stay, but Barrio Barreto is a little too crazy for me now days. I like the floating bars there and at Blue Rock, but don’t enjoy the constant “hustle”. Sometimes I just want to sit, enjoy the waves, the ocean and the scenery and not be bothered. Just have time to chill.


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