Subic Day 1 – Rain, rain and more rain – Zambales Philippines

Day one has been rather uneventful, except for constant rain most of the time.   It is “Monsoon season” after all.  At one point, the Hotel lost power when some power lines went down.  Sometimes it was just a light drizzle and sometimes a raging downpour.    A few photos captured on my walk-a-bout during a slight reprieve.  Roamed through a few bars, and drank a few beers, but hardly a fun time.  For some people who are interested in the “adult” variety of entertainment, I guess it can be interesting, but I found it to be a bit depressing.  Still chatted with a few ladies but was struck by their desperation in trying to survive.   Too many beers but It is a slice of life most people don’t see.  It is not all bad, there are great people here, but I came for the photo opportunities and there weren’t many the first day.  More to come…


The closest thing to a sunset, the first day.

IMG_1920 IMG_1922

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