Riding a Pedicab in Manila

A thrill ride of sorts through the streets of manila by Pedicab.   I had tried to flag a taxi to take me to the Mall of Asia for a  good 30 minutes or more.  They were all occupied.   A pedicab driver (bicycle with sidecar) offered to  take me.  I questioned if he was sure, as it was a  good distance.  I  thought what the heck and decided to give him a shot.  I  was hot, tired and wanted to get  off my feet  for a few.  As  it stands he wasn’t able to take me all the way between the traffic and his own fatigue (I’m a bit on the heavy side)  but he  did  get me to where I could catch a shuttle bus the rest of the way.

Keep in mind the iPhone lens is wide-angle to start with so everything you see is closer than it appears.   While I don’t think I will take one again barring an emergency (they take a lot of chances on the road) still it was an  experience to remember.



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