Help! My Motor Bike Needs Work


This particular bike was probably bought from a salvage yard for parts.

This particular bike was probably bought from a salvage yard for parts.

In the  United State,  if you bike needs work you would probably run down to the parts shop or even throw it in the back of your car or truck take the bike to the shop for repairs.  Things work  a little differently in the Philippines, especially in the Provincial areas out side of  the NCR (National  Capital Region).   For one thing if you are  riding a bike or scooter it is  likely because you don’t have a car or truck or access to one.   It is also quite likely none of your friends will have a car or truck either.  So what do you do?  Find a friend with a Trike.   Most motor Bikes have engines running 100 to 155 cc in  size.  Big bikes are rare and usually only belong to foreigners or the wealthy (who  do have cars and trucks).   Yet the small scooter or motor cycle is a big part of the Philippine way of life both in the big cities and out in the Provinces.  In many areas the Trike (small motorcycle with side car or carriage) are the heart and soul of commerce and delivery.   Now in the photo above, the Bike/Scooter or remnant was probably purchased from a bike salvage yard for parts.  Still need to get it home though so find a friend with a Trike (or hire one).   Hoist it up on top and just hang on while your buddy or trike driver gets you where you need to go.  Tie downs?   We don’t need no stinkin tie downs.  It’s all  a matter of balance and riding backwards.

Filipinos have a long history of improvisation  when needed, there are none better.   And very little gets wasted.   My guess is this bike is headed to where it will be torn down for parts and used to keep another bike or two running.   Except for the minority wealthy who have never had to “survive” most Filipinos are industrious, resourceful, masters of recycling, thrifty and of course usually friendly and hospitable.  They always find a way to get things done.   Most of my friends here all grew up poor and though their lives  are better, they still know how to get the most out of the least.

I strongly believe that they symbolise the saying:  “We have been doing so much, with so little, for so long, that now we can do anything with nothing.”



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