Photo of the Day – Mile Long Barracks

Mile Long Barracks, Corregidor Island, WWII Monument

Mile Long Barracks, Corregidor Island, WWII Monument

The Mile Long Barracks of Corregidor Island were so called because if one ran the length on all three floors, it would add up to a Mile. Bombed out during World War II, especially the liberation of the Island by the Americans, pushing out the Japanese,  Corregidor was a US Military base prior to WWII and was the last stand by American and Filipino troops resisting the Japanese conquering of the Philippine Islands.  The Rock Fortress of Corregidor was key, due to its location near the entrance to Manila Bay.   As long as the Americans and Filipinos held Corregidor, the Japanese could not use Manila Bay to prepare their planned invasion of Australia.

HISTORY:  Ten hours after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, they then invaded what the Philippine Islands, a territory/commonwealth of the United States since 1898.  Japanese forces swept through most of the Philippine Islands in short order.  General Douglas MacArthur had ordered the ill equipped US and Filipino forces to defend Bataan Peninsula and Corregidor Island in order to prevent the Japanese from Controlling Manila Bay.  The joint forces were outmanned and equipped primarily with World War I weaponry, and heavily outgunned by the Japanese.  Despite overwhelming odds, they held off the Japanese for almost 5 months.  Bataan fell in April, leading to the infamous Bataan Death March, and Corregidor in Early May.  While many see this as a major defeat, the courageous efforts of the Joint American and Filipino troops, delayed the Japanese advancement in the Pacific and forced them to use up so many resources that they were not able to immediately turn their attention to the biggest prize of all, Australia.  This allowed the Allied forces in the Pacific to regroup, and to turn the course of battle from a defensive effort to an all out offensive effort against the Japanese Naval and Army forces.

In 1946, after the War, the Philippine Islands were finally granted status as an autonomous nation and after 333 years of Spanish rule and another 48 years of US rule, they finally became their own nation.  The Philippines is an archipelago nation of 7,107 islands.  About 2000 of which are inhabited.

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