Photo of the Day – Makati Philippines


City of Makati with new buildings. March 2015.

City of Makati with new buildings. March 2015.

Okay, I admit it, I have an addiction to photography and to playing with my images.  Much like my addictions for Coffee, Chocolate, fresh made peanut butter with honey, etc.    This was taken last spring in Makati.  The original was okay but this version is better.  Love the detail. The Philippines is an “old” archipelago nation (7,107 islands) that had been under Spanish rule for 333 years, before the United states took over in 1898.  While they didn’t get their independence from the US until 1946. So as a formally organized nation it is relatively new, as a land and people it is older than the United States.   There is great history here, and a lot of wonderful historic buildings.  But there is also the new and exciting.

This is Makati, the International Finance District in the NCR (National Capital Region which includes Manila) and it is modern and new. In fact while I knew it well in 2006-2007 when I worked there, it had changed so much since that Spring of 2015 I found myself lost with no idea of there I was.   As I was walking around lost and trying futilely to flag down a taxi (there are a lot and they were all busy)  I just happened upon this view while crossing a street, trying to find my way back to my hotel.  The symmetry struck a chord visually so I grabbed a quick couple of shots.  New, modern and fresh with a strong international feel and population.  And absolutely insane traffic much of the time.

For the gear freaks, this was shot with an Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II and the incredibly corner to corner sharp 12-40mm F2.8 (24-80 35mm equivalent).  While this is a downsized image, I just love the detail and subtle nuances it captured.  Post processing was in Lightroom.  Sadly I only had JPEG to work from, as I forgot to turn on RAW shooting.  Still, I believe the results are impressive.

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