Photo of the Day, January 15, 2016 – Shoot and Pray

On the way to Subic along the SCTEX expressway.

On the way to Subic along the SCTEX expressway.

This image was as much accident as planning.  Driving the SCTex Expressway (Subic-Clark-Tarlac)  I saw the lighting and the scene, but wasn’t where I felt comfortable pulling over.   The traffic was light and there was no one visible in front or behind me.  I slowed my speed down to about 60 KPH, rolled down the passenger window and grabbed my Panasonic FZ1000 sitting on the passenger seat next to me.  With one hand I clicked on the power, slightly extended the zoom lens purely by guessing and then shot a series of 6-7 photos, pointing the camera out the window, guessing as to if I was actually pointing in the right direction, purely by feel.   Don’t worry, my eyes were on the road and my other hand on the wheel.  Out of the 6-7 quick shots (single shot mode, one after another), I captured this image.  I post processed in Adobe Lightroom 6.0, straightening, cropping, adjusting highlights and shadows, clarity, vibrance and using a little haze adjustment to pull out the hills.

Below is the original “raw” photo that I randomly caught while driving.   What I call shoot and pray style.  No chance to formally compose or even see directly what I was shooting.  But the scene was just too beautiful to ignore all together.   15 minutes of post processing and I had one of my personal all time favourite photos of the past 2 months.

On the way to Subic from SCTEX expressway.

This was the image as shot while driving down the expressway, shooting blindly through the passengers side window.   1 out of 6 that was properly aimed.   Before post processing. 


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