Overdue updates- Philippines and Subic.


Well, Since my arrival in the  Philippines  about 2.5 months ago, things have been erratic to say the least.  Nothing has been more erratic then my internet connection.  I’m supposed to have 5 mb download and 256k upload. Yes I know that is not much, but they want $500+ US dollars to run fibre to where I live.   I’ should be in my new home in a modern community within the next 1-2 months so will wait until then.  Hopefully they will already have fibre there, but if  not it will at least be  a permanent residence and not a rental house so will be worth having fibre ran.  Plus I hope to have more choices for higher speeds.   At least 10mb up and down, without breaking the budget.

As it stands I am lucky to get half of what is supposed to be delivered and usually have downtime almost ever other day for a little while.

_1020275 _1020269 _1020247

I didi spend  a few days in Subic Freeport, which is always an interesting place with lots to do other then nightclubs.   Of course a little farther up the coast is the infamous Barrio Barreto area with all the girly bars.  Inside Olongapo City there are some as well, but I didn’t visit there.   The oceans and beaches provide all sorts of diversions and activities.   There is also a Safari Park, Ocean World park, wildlife, zipline rides everywhere, and for the adventurous you can get JEST (Jungle Environment Survival Training) with the indigenous Aetas, who used to teach Jungle survival to the US Navy Seals and Special Forces.   Courses vary from a 30 minute introduction course to a 3 day intensive Jungle survival training.

Maybe one of these days I will look into one of their basic courses.   For now, just getting used to the dramatic environmental changes between Denver, Colorado and Tarlac City, Philippines is quite enough.   But I figure if I can survive driving in the traffic in the Philippines, JEST won’t be so bad.

So for now here are a few more photos, while my internet is up.

_1020248-Pano _1020212 _1020141 _1020125 _1020121 _1010849 _1010846 _1010758

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