Love and be loved…


Love and be loved

Love and be Loved.

The whole of the human purpose is to learn how to love without conditions, to care without attachment, to soar within to unlimited heights.  The soul is eternal and without limit.  Only our conscious minds limit us, and fear is the greatest limitation of all.  Love is our goal and our purpose.  To love without limit and without conditions.  To love all that is, even as our creator loves us. Love cannot be owned, possessed or held on to  It can only be shared, flowing through our lives in a continuous stream.

You don’t believe in a creator or a life beyond this world?  That is okay for you will know what truth there is when you pass from this limited consciousness.  Love, unconditional love, is still the answer to find the greatest joy and happiness in this world.  Love is the only true freedom, the source of all happiness.  And to receive it, you must be able to give it.  Love is energy that cannot be contained, nor can it be held on to.  It flows and must flow continuously from place to place and from person to person.  That is its nature.  You cannot own it, you cannot hold on to it.  You can only live it, and share it.  To receive it, you must give it away.  All life is sustained by love. All life is LOVE.  Let your spirit soar.  Love is the wind beneath your wings.

~ Kuya David

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