First photos from my Panasonic FZ1000

Well, after a very busy couple of weeks or so, I finally got a little time out with my Panasonic FZ100. This camera will likely be my mainstay when I go to the Philippines.  The image quality is really quite amazing for a 1″ sensor and actually beats out my old Olympus E510, Olympus E3 and Panasonic GH1 in both low and higher ISO quality. Now it is not up to the level of modern m4/3 through full frame sensors but it is amazingly close.

The images below were just a quick jaunt through part of the Denver City Park this morning.  Nothing really special but it allowed me to see overall how the camera would respond.  I was quite pleased.

What you want to pay attention to is the light range and the depth of detail that is captured in each of these shots.  Quite impressive for small 1 inch sensor and a camera with a 25-400 equivalent focal length range.

I also shot some video samples at 1080 and 4k to see what it would deliver but while I was impressed with the overall quality, I am quite the novice at video and there was nothing there I felt worth sharing.

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