A Philippines Journey – Slideshow.

Well this is a few years old, these photos were taken mostyl between October 2006 through October 2007 during a time when I worked in the Philippines as a Fraud and Compliance manager/investigator for a major call center company.  A few were taken in June-July 2005 on my first business trip there.    I compiled them into this 13.5 minute slideshow.

I have always felt that one of the greatest educations one can receive is world travel.  And I learned a lot about life, beauty, friendship and love while in the Philippines.

Cameras used were whatever I was able to carry at the time but were either a Nikon S10 (my all the time pocket camera), A Panasonic FZ50, or my old Olympus E500.   Since I worked 10-12 hour days on the norm and those hours were Philippine nights to coincide with US corporate office daytimes, my opportunities to get out and take photos (when I wasn’t too tired) were somewhat limited.   Still, I managed a little.    The Philippines was a fascinating place, and what made it special and wonderful were the people.   It was a place where I felt very much at home.   I still hope to return someday to begin a new photographic journey, but next time dedicated to the wonderful islands (all 7107 of them) and the wonderful people there.

Enjoy my Philippines Journey.  I recommend clicking on the YouTube logo so that you can  can view it at a larger size higher resolution up to 720p HD.   The photographs will look so much better that way.


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