Photo of the Day – Blue Sky and Clouds

Blue sky and clouds over Cherry Creek Park, Denver/Aurora Colorado.   Taken with an Olympus E-3 and 12-60mm F2.8-4 lens @12mm.  ISO 100, F8, 1/400 sec.   Post processing in Aperture. I was struck by the appearance of motion in the sky which did change very quickly.;sz=300×250;ord=timestamp?;lid=41000613802464032;pid=74HP-P0-00;usg=AFHzDLtNjtjauoTw1oxvVkdQyz5pNmUDFA;*Prod_feeds*Prod_feeds*12082%2526kpid%253D74HP-P0-00;pubid=625494;price=%2419.00;title=Orvis+Guide+to+Outdoor+Photography;merc=Orvis;;width=135;height=135

Photo of the Day – Late 1800’s covered wagon wheel.

Photo of the Day – A late 1800’s covered wagon wheel, at Four Mile House historic park. Photo taken at the “Four Mile House” historic park, Denver, Colorado.  This is a wagon wheel from a late 1800’s covered wagon, at the Four Mile House historic park, Denver Colorado. One of the things that amazed me…

Photo of the Day – Makati Jeepney "VhineChie"

Click on photo for a larger view. Photo of the Day – Makati Jeepney “VhineChie”   During my year in the Philippines (a place I dream of someday visiting again) I was always fascinated by the highly decorated Jeepneys (a type of mini-bus used for public transportation).   Each one was somewhat unique. This photo…

Photo of the Day – Hey wait, this isn’t Africa..

Photo of the Day – Hey wait, this isn’t Africa…. A cheetah at the Denver Zoo, Denver Colorado, checking out the newly fallen snow, on a winter’s day. ~ Photo by David “Lightweaver” Robinson.  © David Wendel Robinson – all rights reserved.;sz=300×250;ord=timestamp?;lid=41000613802463511;pid=1376047;usg=AFHzDLtj4t0ELb_sXb6z1ZiBeLdofuPnkw;;pubid=625494;price=%24125.00;title=Art.Com+White+Cheetah+Framed+Art+Print+By+Rocco+Sette;merc=Kohl%27s;;width=135;height=135