Denver Zoo Photos – Animal Portraits

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 Just finished reprocessing 30+ digital animal portraits from the Denver Zoo. This is a few years worth of shots.
No longer able to get “out in the wild” as much as I used to, so I make do with zoos for much of my animal photography.  Sometimes you can get some unique images if you are patient or lucky.

Zoo photography can be quite a challenge in itself.  As much as anything it can be a test of patience, not only in waiting on the animals but also in dealing with all the zoo visitors who will sometimes get in the way, right at the critical moment.  The thing to do is to remember that they have just as much right as you do to be there.

Many zoos will have special times or early start days just for photographers.   Zoo photo safari’s can be fun and educational, as you will have guided access at special hours when the park is not yet open to the public.   Some times this may involve access to areas the public would not usually be able to get into or can only observe from afar.    Check with your local zoo, or ask them about setting up a Photo Safari if they don’t have one.

Because of costs involved, it may be necessary to seek the support of local businesses to help support such a program.  Camera and Photo shops often help or even your local media, radio or TV stations.  It is a way for them to reach out to the community and gain a lot of publicity.

For information about the Denver Zoo, and a list of upcoming events visit the Denver Zoo website.   The Denver Zoo is located inside City Park, and also has several “Free days” a year for families.

Past Photo Safaris in Denver, CO have been sponsored by Mike’s Camera, a local camera and photography retailer since 1967 with multiple locations in the Denver Metro area.  They also have locations in parts of California.

Photo Safari’s are usually setup for the summertime.  Inquire at your local zoo.  It is a great time to meet other serious photographers and learn more about our favorite hobby.

~ Lightweaver.

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