Philippines Jeepney Slideshow.

From Oct 2006 to Oct 2007, I was living and working in the Philippines.   During that time I was captivated by Philippine Jeepney.  Not just for their utility as transportation but the amazingly bright decorations that were common to them.

The linked video slideshow is photographs portraying the famous Philippine Jeepney, a common of form of city and country transportation. Had my work allowed me to  I stay longer in the Philippines, I had intended to do a broad scale photographic study of the Jeepney phenomenon.

A larger version can be seen on

Originally created from surplus Willy Jeeps left behind by the US military after World War II, the Jeepney is a cultural, artistic and transportation icon. Often decorated in unique ways and brightly painted with some amazing artwork, it is one of the most common forms of transportation in the Philippines. All images were photographed between Oct 2006 and Oct 2007 while I was working in the Philippines as a Fraud and Compliance Manager in the Call Center Industry.

Below are some more examples of the incredible Jeepney Artwork that can be seen on many of them.   Clicking on them should allow you to view a larger version.   Further examples can be seen in my Lightweaver Photo Galleries.


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