Getting Started

At Red Rocks State park.

Well it has taken me long enough to get this Blog started.   I have tried other services like WordPress or even a dedicated web serving account, but the simple fact is, I wasn’t satisfied, so now it is time to try Blogger.

I looked long and hard at all the options and it looks like Blogger will let me do what I want to do with a minimum of fuss.

Time to get the show on the road.

My goal with this blog is to look at my own history with photography and to explore the past, present and many possible futures.   I’ll talk about my own experiences, my travels and lots of looking at the evolution of Photography and cameras today.

Photography is first and foremost about light.  The word comes from the greek meaning to “to draw or scribe with light.”  This is perhaps the greatest key
of all.   It is always about the light first, then the photographers ability to see and interpret the light.   All the rest of it, the lenses, the cameras, the equipment, the locations, the models… they are just supporting cast and tools.   In the end it is the light that matters, the light that forms the image, the light that dances and weaves across the patterns of life that gives us form and vision.   It is always about the light.   For without the light, there would be “nothing else”.  Light is the energy behind our vision, behind our experience, behind our very lives.

Oh, and please check out my Photo Galleries at: DWRobinson (LIghtweaver)   They need some sprucing up, which will come with time, and are mostly “documentary” rather then artistic, but there are a few interesting captures still.  

~Lightweaver (David Wendel Robinson.)

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